Verification Datasets Meeting 2016-05-04 Minutes

Verification Datasets Telecon
Attendees: Colin, Simon, Hsin-Fang, David, Robert


  • twinkles database at NERSC
  • conversation with H-S and Paul about fringe correction
  • a discussion of multiple fringe frames
  • Robert will post a write-up of this on community


  • Bryce, Lynne and others are trying to stack shifted images to detect solar system objects
    below the single-visit detection limit, using old SuprimeCam which had the right cadence
  • Colin running the data through the stack, had to make and push some fixes due to bitrot


  • working on how the DECam calibration data is used

  • DECam similar to CFHT in that it uses already-made calibration products, HSC makes them

  • do we need multiple mappers for each obs package? want consistent calibration products

  • Robert gave an overview of monocam, single LSST-chip on USNO telescope, various chip
    characterization and science projects


  • looking at ubercal calibrated calexp COSMOS data, scatter in g-band on bright-end is ~1%
    which is better than it was before (~3-5%), but think still could be better
  • Robert suggested using aperture photometry instead
  • look at aperture to PSF on the bright end
  • PSF could be less well-constrainted on edge
  • spatial order = 2, quadratic solution, maybe need less


  • looking at monocam data with Merlin

I promised a pretty picture. This is a color composite of g, r, i coadds. There are ~200 images per filter.

FYI, you notice all the point sources around the big galaxies? Those are simulated SNe at a much greater than natural rate.