Verification Datasets Meeting 2016-05-25 Minutes

Verification datasets telecon

Attendees: Simon, David


  • looking at residuals vs. focal plane

  • Robert/Paul suggest using PSFEx instead of PCA, should just be a config change
    need meas_extensions_psfex to run, add something like this to the config override file

    import lsst.meas.extensions.psfex.psfexPsfDeterminer
    config.charImage.measurePsf.psfDeterminer[“psfex”].spatialOrder = 2 = “psfex”


  • twinkles update
  • still validating the data
  • new round of simulated images by the July meeting
  • a question of whether there were too many SNe
  • PSF phot scatter shows similar floor to what is seen in COSMOS data
  • asked MWF to add to validate_drp, will be interesting to see the results
  • ingested all of the data in databased, people are looking at light curves

I think that spatialOrder = 2 is the default