Viewing the configuration files for a particular opsim run

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Starting at v3.3.6, Opsim now uses configuration files (the files that tell you what the survey was trying to do, in terms of proposals, exposure times, filters, number of requested visits, etc.) that are stored in a git repository. Before starting a run, we add the set of configuration files to an appropriate branch in that repository (or make a new commit on an existing branch, if it’s an update or tweak of a pre-existing set of config files). Then, when running opsim, we use config files from that git repo, checked out at a particular commit. The SHA1 of that commit is recorded by opsim and put into the “Config” table of the opsim database - this value can be retrieved by doing the following query of your sqlite db file:

sqlite> select paramValue from config where paramName=‘sha1’;

or simply by looking at the ‘config details’ section of the showMaf analysis (example: - search for ‘sha1’ in the page).

The details of the configuration files are actually also captured in that ‘config details’ section, but if you want to see the original configuration files, you can then either:

  • git clone and checkout the commit:

git clone
git checkout <sha1>

(this will give you a message about being in a detached HEAD state, but if you don’t need to edit the files, this is fine).

  • or just go to the commit on github:<sha1>