Webinar announcement: LSST and the Canadian Astronomy Data Center

Please join us for the Special webinar | LSST and the Canadian Astronomy Data Center on YouTube (link here), next Thursday, Apr 13, 1 pm BRT = 9 am PDT = 2 pm ET.

Speaker: Dr. Stephen Gwyn (University of Victoria)


The Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) at the Rubin Observatory will transform our vision the transient universe. It also represents a formidable challenge in terms of data management. The Canadian Astronomy Data Centre (CADC) is a repository for Canada’s telescopes. We also provide a sophisticated science platform for Canadian astronomers to process that data. In this talk, I will outline the CADC’s plans to host LSST data. Our current plan, informed by consulting the Canadian astronomical community, is to host more than just an IDAC Lite (i.e, just the static sky), but less than a full IDAC (ie. a complete copy of the full Rubin data set). Hosting the LSST at the CADC will allow Canadian astronomers to combine the LSST data with other surveys for which Canadian hold data rights, such as Euclid, UNIONS and CASTOR.

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