Welcome to the Stars, Milky Way and Local Volume Science Collaboration

This is the community landing page for the SMWLV science collaboration. Here you will find descriptions and links to other SMWLV related communications channels, which include:

Hi, i am still unable to see the “Welcome to the Stars, Milky Way and Local Volume Science Collaboration” slack channel: from this link lsstc.slack.com", any clues would be much appreciated.

Hi Sebastian,

I believe that I found you on LSSTC Slack. It appears that I don’t have privileges to add you to what I believe is the relevant channel there, as only an “admin” can do that. I think the best option is to ask @pmmcgehee for further assistance. Thanks very much…

Unfortunately although I am on the “lsstc.slack.com” worskapce I can’t see @pmmcgehee to ask to request the invitation to the join the #milkyway channel, nor can I see any other Rubin channels. Any help would be much appreciated.

best regards,

  • Sebastian

Tagging @willclarkson as well.

Tagging @jgizis as well.

I don’t think I am an admin anymore on LSSTC so I can’t fix the problem.

I suspect, however, that @sebaguro was not added as a regular member but instead as limited access, such as during some conference or meeting or training event. [Update: “Guest” is the category] This happened several times before with others. Everyone should be able to just join most channels, plus, I don’t even see the user on #general.

If so, someone with LSSTC admin access needs to make sebaguro a regular member, and can also add #milkyway to be sure at that point.

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Hi @sebaguro - thanks for following up on this. I have updated your profile to “full” member, and added you to the #milkyway channel.

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Thanks @jgizis @willclarkson for the responses – much appreciated!