Were all receipt of white paper acknowledgement emails sent out?


I sent two white papers to the same email address as described in the white paper call. Currently only one of them got a reply acknowledging receipt of the white paper. The other one, I haven’t heard a response from Project. The call for proposals says that ‘An acknowledgement of the receipt of each white paper will be returned within 48 hours.’ Were all the white paper confirmation emails sent out?


Hi Meg, apologies if you did not receive acknowledgement for both your papers - it was a manual process.
I have seen these 2 papers come in from you:

  1. A near-Sun Solar System Twilight Survey with LSST white paper
  2. A Northern Ecliptic Survey for Solar System Science White Paper


Yes - sorry - I’m working my way through them, but because we ended up moving the deadline to a Friday (instead of the original Thursday), it’s taken me a little more than 48 hours to acknowledge all of the white papers.

There are about 10 I need to finish adding and acknowledging – I’m only sending the acknowledgment emails after all the copying/docusharing/spreadsheeting/etc at my end, as a check on what’s been added.

I’ll finish it up today though and a complete list will be posted online.


Ok - seems this caused a bit more worry than I expected.

I’ll just email everyone back right away and then I’ll finish adding them at our end.

Thanks. I was worried one didn’t send or the attachment was too big etc. So I wanted to make sure,since I figured it was likely things were delayed since it was over a weekend, but I didn’t want to assume it was that in case the twilight white paper wasn’t received. Thanks Lynne and Ranpal.