What is the latest adopted Raw FITS File Format?

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What is the latest Raw FITS format of LSST Stack v21 for ITL and e2V sensors? Is the document: LCA-13501: Specification for FITS Image Files from Raft and Focal Plane-Level Electro-Optical Tests dated March 13, 2017 up-to-date in particularly Tables 4 and 5?

My reasons for asking is that I am a new member both in LSST and Euclid’s simulation group working on the joint calibration of LSST and Euclid astrometry and photometry. I’ve taken over a code developed within Euclid that produces simulated images of LSST single exposures. Currently, it produces FITS according to Tables 4 and 5 in LCA-13501 as well as postISR (which I know is no longer used within LSST). I have yet to test the Raw output with the latest LSST stack as I am preoccupied with the Euclid code and other tasks. It would be extremely helpful to know which FITS format to follow for processing with the latest LSST stack v21. Thank you.

I don’t actually know whether LCA-13501 is still correct.

What I can say is that headers are specified in LSE-400 but that situation is actively evolving and being tracked on confluence.

There is a test file from the BOT in obs_lsst which matches the extension layout we know is being used.

Thanks for your reply. I do not have access to the link on confluence. Hoping to resolve that soon in order to view the document LSE-400.

However, I was able to access the test file and will review it further.

Viewing LSE-400 unfortunately requires a DocuShare account, which is separate from a Confluence account.

@ktl do you know how I can acquire a DocuShare account?

We’re about to do the opposite: make LSE-400 accessible without an account.

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Will you make an announcement when the document is accessible? Also, is it in the process of being updated?

Yes, we will announce its availability (not sure what is taking so long), and yes, updates are unfortunately expected although the basic information should be correct.