What packages have Numpydoc docstrings so far?

On September 1, 2016 we adopted RFC-214, which permits developers to use Numpydoc for docstrings. Since then, I’ve noticed some encouraging adoption in parts of the Stack. I’d like to help you early adopters out.

If you’ve converted some or all of a package’s docstrings to Numpydoc, reply with your package’s name.

What I’d like to do is send a PR with the necessary Sphinx boilerplate so that you can locally build Python API reference documentation from those new docstrings. Keep in mind that some of this is still a shim, pending the full scons integration that is envisioned in DMTN-030: Science Pipelines Documentation Architecture.

To get a sense of what this shim looks like, take a look at validate_base, SQuaRE’s new base package for science quality monitoring:

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Some I know of:

At least some of jointcal has been converted.

Jonathan, I’d be interested to try it with pipe_supertask. Not much converted there on master but my development branch has few new modules which I try to document using new style.