What pipetask(s) correct for Bandpass Variations?

I am working in the Euclid Consortium’s External Surveys Organization Unit tasked with developing the software tools to “process” LSST data spanning the Euclid survey and convert the data into the Euclid format for further processing. In short, we use the Rubin Obs LSST Science Pipeline only up to the level of ‘CalibrateTask’ just to do the processing per visit. The calexp and src data products are then converted to the Euclid format for further processing.
We would like to know what pipetask(s) within the current/upcoming release of the LSST Science Pipeline correct for Bandpass Variations across the focal plane? I am wondering if such a task(s) would be performed across visits.

Many thanks in advance for any info you’re able to share.

You’re looking for either jointcal with doPhotometry=True or fgcmcal, to generate full focal plane PhotoCalib objects.

Thanks for the info. And, would fgcmcal be applied before or after JointCal? I didn’t see it listed in the Flowchart in the DESC DC2 paper.

They are entirely separate, but both produce per-visit full focal plane PhotoCalib objects, fitting all of the visits in a region of sky. fgcmcal doesn’t work on obs_lsst yet, though, but jointcal will; we plan to use fgcmcal in LSST DRP production, but don’t have useful data to test it yet.

Neither of these are run on DC2, because it does not have full focal plane distortions (for jointcal astrometry) or filter variation (for fgcmcal photometry). Basically, there’s nothing for either of them to fit in those simulations.