(who wants) example code for butler composite datasets(?)

At the all hands meeting, in the pairwise discussion between Science Pipelines and Data Access we discussed process for gathering requirements and use cases for Butler features, specifically Composite Datasets. Someone mentioned they would like to see examples and/or pseudo code written to show how Science Pipelines would use the proposed Butler API.

@jbosch and I were trying to remember who had asked for pseudocode. We would like to figure out exactly what should be produced, and also solicit a volunteer (or volunteers) to work on that. I’d like to start planning for this for Composite Dataset use cases and requirements. Can the requestor and/or interested parties please chime in here or contact us about that?

@KSK @swinbank maybe you want to ping your teams about this? Without any responders I wonder if this is a worthwhile exercise.

Thanks for the ping @natepease. I’ll ask around and have them get back to you.

Still nothing. Sorry about that. It may be that sitting down for an hour and just typing in a shared text space would be an easier sell because everyone can context switch at the same time.

Thanks for keeping up with this. It turns out @brianv0 is the person who suggested pseudocode, so it wasn’t from either of your groups. We discussed the merits of doing it (in person at SLAC, I’m sorry that I didn’t get it published here) and decided it’s worth doing, and so I’ve been working on it. I’ve taken a first crack at about half the use cases and added that to the use cases confluence page. I’d be glad if any science users wanted to read it and ask questions (in whatever forum makes sense, here, the confluence page, hip chat, whatever). And/or we could set up a time to meet & review in a shared space or in person even - I’m open to whatever feels like it would be productive for the end users.