Why do I get nagged about my post's title or length?

You might be writing a new topic and reply and be surprised to find the Community forum’s software pushing back on your choice of title or topic. The truth is that the forum is just trying to help you make content that will be useful for everyone.

Here are some specific cases.

Title is not unique

All topics on the Community forum need a globally unique title. If there were 100 topics titled “Meeting Minutes,” it’d be frustrating for anyone searching for your post later on.

Take this as a reminder to write meaningful, descriptive titles. Everyone will appreciate it.

Post is too short

The Community forum enforces a minimum post length. Every post in a topic should add to the conversation, and this rule helps promote that goal.

Usually people intend to agree when they’re writing a short reply (“+1” or “Yes”). Instead of writing that affirmation, just click the heart button of the post you’re reacting to. It means the same thing as “+1” or “Yes,” but without the noise.

If your reaction is to disagree (“-1” or “No”), you should probably be justifying your dissent to enhance the conversation.

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