Workshop on WFIRST/LSST Deep Fields

Workshop on WFIRST/LSST Deep Fields
August 30-31, 2018
McCormick Hall Princeton University, Princeton NJ

Dear colleague,

Please join us for a Workshop on WFIRST/LSST Deep Fields to be held at Princeton, NJ on August 30-31, 2018. There is information including schedule and registration at The meeting is open to all professional astronomers, and there is no registration fee, but advance registration is requested since the number of attendees is limited by the venue.

The goal of this workshop is to maximize the science return from the upcoming great surveys expected in the 2020s. LSST, WFIRST and Euclid will survey the sky in the optical and infrared with an unprecedented combination of depth and survey area. At the same time, we will have transformative new capabilities spanning from the radio to the X-ray. There is a potential for multiwavelength observations that could have a significant scientific impact.

The morning talks will introduce many of the upcoming surveys and some of the pressing science questions. The afternoon sessions will focus on identifying the science requirements for different science areas. The workshop aims to inform planning for WFIRST’s deep fields and to encourage the development of white papers for the recent LSST call for deep drilling mini-survey proposals.

On behalf of the Scientific Organizing Committee:
David Spergel (chair), Peter Capak, Ryan Foley, Chris Hirata, Anton Koekemoer, Dan Marrone, Jeff Newman, David Rubin, Rogier Windhorst