Workshop to connect science communities to IDAC resources

One of the issues with the IDAC model is that we don’t yet have a clear connection between the data and resources provided by IDACs and the science use cases of the Rubin community. We propose to organize a workshop to start building those connections. In order to support the workshop, we are developing a proposal to submit this week to the Kickstarter grants program . Please visit this link if you are interested in joining the effort!


The Rubin Legacy Survey of Space and Time will enable revolutionary scientific research, but require significant computing power and data storage for discovery. While the US Data Access Center will support computationally intensive analysis, there is potential for significant oversubscription of its resources. The Independent Data Access Centers (IDACs), contributed through the Rubin In-Kind program, have the potential to alleviate this oversubscription, but only if well matched to the scientific problems that the Rubin Science Collaborations aim to address. With this proposal, we seek support to hold a workshop that will 1) identify computationally intensive science use cases through the Science Collaborations; 2) identify the Rubin data, other data, and computational resources needed to support them; and 3) match the use cases to potential IDACs.