You are invited to an 'Invitation to the operations rehearsal' session

Dear Commissioning Colleagues,

In the first week of April, groups from across the Rubin Project will be taking part in an operations rehearsal where will will be taking both real (from the AuxTel) and synthetic (imSim simulations read out from the ComCam DAQ) data transferring it to the USDF and going through the entire operations process over a few days.

We will also be ramping up commissioning science units to look at data from this rehearsal, and it is a good time for all science unit members to become engaged. We are getting very close to the first photons on the ComCam.

Next week there will be a virtual (over Zoom) DESC collaboration meeting. There are many in-kind contributors in the collaboration and the DESC has agreed to host a general parallel session open to all Science Unit members from across the Rubin community to learn about the operations rehearsal. I am writing to invite you and I hope you will attend!

The agenda is still under construction but we plan to cover:

  • Introduction to the session
  • Goals and plans for the operations rehearsal
  • An introduction to the Science Units, their leads, and hopes for the rehearsal
  • Your Qs with answers

The meeting will be at Monday the 26th at 11:00am Pacific / 2:00pm Eastern / 4:00pm Chile for 90 minutes. I will send zoom info etc when it is available. I hope to see you there.

-Chris and Keith

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I have posted info for attaching to the zoom session in #rubinobs-sitcom.

We will have many of the science until leads attending and introducing their groups along with what they hope you will be doing. So, please do come if you plan on being involved.

Was the session recorded? I didn’t get to see it live.

Yes. See the link in #rubinobs-sitcom.