2016_09_09 visualization meeting

Bluejeans: 107541143


  • Discuss migration of camera visualization code to use the new JS/React/Redux based Firefly.
  • General discussion of near term plans and priorities.


BNL summary:

  • Installed the visualization SW. Took a bit longer than expected (not due to vis-specific issues).
  • Fed a simulated image through the system, but too late to get much feedback.
  • Get rid of hard-wired locations.
    @weiren2 has fixed this. The image URL is now communicated to front end from the back end.
  • Some improvements are still needed, to make user interaction simpler.
  • @marshall Manipulation of small regions in a large image is not yet done optimally.

Other items:

  • @tatianag sent links to the new FF/JS documantation (See her comment to the agenda). In particular: new-firefly-api-links, and an overview.

  • For development of the new Firefly API, we will need a new Tomcat server, because names have changed. UIUC already has two Tomcat instances on the server.

  • @tatianag atiana showed a demo of some of the new FF functionality.

  • Point selectoin is converted to image coordinates. There was some confusion about how this actually works – we want program communication always to be image coordinates.

  • FF still does not work with Tomcat 8. THere is an issue with the order of loading JAR files. There may be more issues than TC7 vs TC8.

  • SLAC will rebuild the SW at IR2, than port to BNL. IR2 HW is not yet completely installed. The goal: Have the SW working at BNL by the end of September. Is it better to do it at SLAC first?

  • @xiuqin (and other IPAC people) will be at SLAC the week after next, to discuss larger FF issues with Jacek, et al.

  • The UIUC group will discuss student resources (taking into account work on the new API) at its internal meeting next week.

Firefly API links