A simple photo-z demo notebook for DP0 objects

I’ve created a very, very simple notebook that can generate rudimentary photo-z estimates for a set of galaxies selected from the DP0 object catalog (using the truth-match table’s redshifts for “training”).

This notebook is in my branch (u/melissagraham) of the delegate-contributions-dp01 repository, in a new directory named photoz/CMNN_Estimator/.

View the new directory and notebook in my branch: delegate-contributions-dp01/photoz/CMNN_Estimator at u/melissagraham · rubin-dp0/delegate-contributions-dp01 · GitHub

I’ve opened a Pull Request to rebase and merge my branch into main, and I need a volunteer reviewer please! If you are interested but don’t know yet how to review a PR, I will show you how. Respond in thread or direct message me, @MelissaGraham .

View the pull request: U/melissagraham by MelissaGraham · Pull Request #16 · rubin-dp0/delegate-contributions-dp01 · GitHub

WARNING: This notebook is very basic! This is just to get started. Potential future work with the CMNN PZ Estimator are described in Section 3 of the notebook.

What about other PZ estimators?

Anyone else could contribute demos that apply other photo-z estimators to DP0 to the photoz/ directory of the delegate-contributions-dp01 repository, if interested.

The main branch of the delegate-contributions-dp01 repo has instructions for contributing: GitHub - rubin-dp0/delegate-contributions-dp01

Hello Melissa,

I am a volunteer for reviewing your notebook. I don’t know exactly how to review a PR. On my side, I have also developped a PhotoZ notebook. I have seen we had to cut too high magnitudes(faint galaxies). I have several questions about the kind of magnitude to use and how to really implement photodetection (with the true distribution near the magnitude cut-off. I would like to take into account the Malmquist bias and Eddington bias. It is probably a good idea to make a user-branch in delegate-contributions-dp01.
Let me know how I should proceed for the review and to ask for reviewing my own notebooks.


Hi Melissa and Sylvie,
I could review both of your PhotoZ Notebooks. So, please send me instructions on how to proceed. Thank you in advance, all the best, m.

Thanks @sylvielsstfr , I assigned you as the reviewer for pull request #16 in the delegate-contributions-dp01 repository. You should have received an email notification about this.

For this repo, the role of the reviewer is very simple, and described here in the readme file and pasted below.

Reviewers should confirm that the PR is adding or editing only the user’s own files in their own folder. Reviewers should not evaluate the additions or changes: this is not a code review nor a peer review. These reviews are just a saftey feature to avoid, e.g., this README.md being accidentally deleted … Reviewers can provide comments and approve the PR, but should not edit files, merge, or close the PR.

Once you’ve confirmed that I’m only updating/adding my own files in the photoz/ directory, complete the review and approve my pull request. That’s it! Any questions, let me know by leaving a comment on the PR in GitHub, or sending me a direct message here in the Forum.

The notebooks run well. On github, apparently, when clicking on a button , red flags became green. I think it is OK for merging inside the main.

By the way I have also created a PR on a complementary NB. I will announce it on a separate thread.


Thanks for the review, @sylvielsstfr !

There is now a photoz/ directory in the main branch of delegate-contributions-dp01/, with one new photo-z notebook in it so far.