Access to HSC PDR3 coadds


I’m trying to access the HSC PDR3 coadds through the RSP using the Butler but I don’t know what to pass to the ‘config’ and ‘collections’ arguments. Would anyone be able to help please? Thank you in advance.


Which RSP deployment are you using?

I’m not sure. I’m quite new to using the platform. How can I find that out? Thanks for your quick answer.


One easy way to indicate the deployment is to give the URL that is in your RSP browser window.

This is the url of the main page of the RSP that I’m currently using: . Not sure if this is what you meant though. Thanks.

That’s what we meant. No HSC data is available at that RSP installation (also known as the Interim Data Facility/IDF). That deployment is for Data Preview 0.2.

ohhh ok so which rsp url/deployment should I use then?

Sounds like you should be using the USDF. If you have not been onboarded, please talk to your Rubin contact. If you have been onboarded and are still experiencing problems, please ask in #ops-usdf on Slack, rather than here.

(HSC data is not public, so it’s a little unfair to discuss access to it in a public forum :slight_smile: )

I understand. Thanks for the help!