All DP0.2 applicants have been invited to become delegates

Everyone who applied to participate in DP0.2 by April 30 2022 should have received an email invitation from me today (Tue May 31). This email was sent by BCC with the subject: Actions to begin your participation in the Rubin Observatory’s “Data Preview 0.2”.

All applicants who requested a “Plus One” were also sent an email by BCC with the subject: Actions to identify your “Plus One” for Rubin Observatory’s “Data Preview 0.2”.

Please check your spam folder and contact me if you can’t find the email(s) you expect.

How to send me a direct message in the Community Forum.

Click on my profile picture at the upper left of this message or my username, then click on the envelope/Message button to start a new message to me.

Please note that everyone who applied last year, in 2021, is already a DP0 delegate and did not receive this email because current delegates simply continue on with DP0.2, no action needed.

More information about the DP0.2 data set, tutorials, documentation, and live virtual seminars will be circulated to all delegates later in June.

More information about DP0.2: