Early announcement for Phase 2 of Data Preview 0 (DP0.2)

Phase 2 of the Rubin Observatory’s Data Preview 0 (DP0.2) will begin in 2022!

Up to 300 new DP0 delegates will be identified for DP0.2. This will bring the total number of DP0 delegates to 600.

DP0.2 Timeline: The application form for DP0.2 will open Mar 1 and close Apr 30 2022. The selection process will conclude by May 31, in advance of the DP0.2 data release by Jun 30 2022.

Make sure you get notified when DP0.2 applications open by joining the Rubin Science email list at lsst.org/scientists; using the bell icon to ‘watch’ the Community Forum’s News category; and/or joining an LSST Science Collaboration.

Watch this short video about Data Preview 0, or scroll down to read more information.
Introduction to Community Participation in Data Preview 0.2 (January 2022; 7 minutes):

DP0 Summary: In 2021, the Rubin Observatory began Data Preview 0 (DP0), the first of three data previews during the period leading up to the start of Rubin Operations. DP0 makes simulated LSST-like data products available in the Rubin Science Platform (RSP) to a limited number of scientists and students (“DP0 delegates”). The goals of DP0 are to serve as an early integration test of the LSST science pipelines and the RSP, and to enable the community to prepare for early science with LSST. Future data previews DP1 and DP2 will be based on commissioning data. Everyone who applied to participate in DP0.1 in 2021 has been invited to obtain an RSP account and participate in DP0 as a delegate.

DP0 Delegates

  • The term “DP0 delegates” refers to the scientists and students who have accounts in the Rubin Science Platform (RSP) at the Interim Data Facility (IDF) during Data Preview 0 (DP0). This term was adopted to reflect their important roles of representing the broad science community as learners, testers, and providers of feedback to Rubin, and of sharing the benefits of their DP0 participation with their communities as teachers and colleagues.
  • Delegates’ DP0-related learning and research is supported with resources and infrastructure.
  • The number of DP0 delegates is limited due to the Rubin pre-operations team’s limited scope in providing support for data products, software, and services that are still in development. This limit will increase for future data previews until, at least by the start of Rubin Observatory Operations, all data rights holders may have RSP accounts.

The DP0 Application Process

  • The DP0 application form does not require any kind of written statement or proposal, because selection is not merit-based and instead uses an algorithm to prioritize diversity (see rtn-004.lsst.io for details).
  • Current DP0 delegates do not need to re-apply for DP0.2.
  • The only prerequisite for applying to participate in DP0 is to have Rubin data rights. All astronomers working in the US and Chile, and named individuals of International Contributor teams, have data rights.
  • All Rubin data rights holders are encouraged to apply, including undergraduate and graduate students. No prior experience with Rubin, the LSST, or science platforms is needed. Novices are especially welcome!

The DP0.2 Data Release will be based on the same simulated data set that was used for DP0.1, which was generated by the LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC) for their Data Challenge 2 (DC2). The DP0.2 release will have been reprocessed by Rubin Observatory using a more recent version of the LSST Science Pipelines, and it will include the data products of Difference Image Analysis (DIA).

Further Information About Data Preview 0

Questions? Please post a reply in this thread or send a direct message to @MelissaGraham.


Slides for the video above:
Introduction to Data Preview 0.2 (January 2022).pdf (1.8 MB)

The application form is now open, and will close Apr 30 2022: