Register now to participate in Phase 2 of Data Preview 0 (DP0.2)

Phase 2 of the Rubin Observatory’s Data Preview 0 (DP0.2) begins on June 30 2022! Up to 300 new participants (“DP0 delegates”) will be identified for DP0.2, bringing the total number to 600.

The application form for DP0.2 is now open, and will close April 30 2022. The form will take about 10 minutes to read and complete. Current DP0 delegates should not fill out this form.

What does it mean to participate in DP0? One of the primary goals of DP0 is to enable the community to prepare for early science with the LSST. All DP0 participants are given an account in the Rubin Science Platform where they can access and analyze LSST-like simulated data, and they are supported with learning resources and networking opportunities. The announcement linked below contains more details about DP0.2, and more information can also be found in the DP0.1 documentation at

Please share this message and the link to the application form with your colleagues and students. The only prerequisite is that applicants must have Rubin data rights. All astronomers and students at US and Chilean institutes, and named individuals of International Contributor teams, have data rights. Everyone who is interested is encouraged to apply. A diversity-based algorithmic selection process will be used to identify DP0 delegates (

Questions about DP0.2 are welcome as replies in this thread, or as direct messages to @MelissaGraham.

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