FAQ: The DP0 Data Set

Below we post some of the questions and answers about the DP0 data set which arose during the DP0 Info Sessions held during January and February 2021.

Q1: Is the DP0 data going to be available only via the RSP or will it be released more generally, and will it be possible to download the data?

A1: There are no plans to enable bulk downloads from the RSP – partially because the IDF (Google Cloud platform) is not scoped to have a lot of data egress. Another consideration is that use of the Rubin Science Platform is the focus of DP0, and the data products are more of a means than an end. Note that DESC has made all of the DC2 catalogs publicly available now in the LSST DESC Data Portal.

Q2: If we have a particular (technical or science) question about DP0, and if we cannot find an answer from the DC2 paper, whom or where should we contact?

A2: The best thing to do with questions about DP0 is to post them as new topics here in the Support - Data Preview 0 category, using the #dp0 tag, like the questions in these topics about low surface brightness objects and Galactic plane science in DP0.

Q3: The DC2 simulation is primarily extragalactic, but diversity in scientific interests will be a delegate selection criterion. How might someone who is not interested in extragalactic science benefit from participating in DP0?

A3: There are stars in the DC2 simulation, and they will be in the catalogs, so studies such as to test star galaxy separation or deblending would be possible, or variability characterization. Additionally, familiarity with the Rubin Science Platform is a general benefit even if your specific science objects are not in the simulation; for example, how to search the catalogs in the Portal Aspect would be of broad appeal.

Q4: Is there a way to know specifically what kind of objects were put into the simulated survey?

A4: The DESC DC2 papers are currently the best resource for this, and there are truth catalogs for the DC2 simulation which will be available as part of DP0.

Q5: Is DP0 going to be (very) different from LSST DESC DC2?

A5: The images and catalogs released for DP0 will represent a subset of the DESC DC2 simulation; in particular, the deep drilling fields will not be included.