Invitation to Join: Virtual information sessions about Data Preview 0 (DP0)

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The Rubin Observatory Community Engagement Team invites all individuals interested in participating in Data Preview 0 to join one of a series of identical virtual information sessions.

What is DP0? In 2021, the Rubin Observatory will release Data Preview 0 (DP0), the first of three data previews during the period leading up to the start of Rubin Operations. DP0 will make simulated LSST-like data products available in the Rubin Science Platform (RSP) to Rubin Observatory staff and up to 300 individuals from the science community (“DP0 delegates”). The goals of DP0 are to serve as an early integration test of the LSST science pipelines and the RSP, and to enable the community to prepare for early science with LSST. More information can be found in this topic about community participation in DP0 and this topic about the DP0 data set.

DP0 Information Sessions – All sessions in this series will be the same. They will begin with a brief ~10 minute presentation introducing the DP0 data sets, the Rubin Science Platform (RSP), and the application and selection process, and then there will be a ~20 minute Q&A. The sessions are being held at a variety of dates and times to enable worldwide participation. Note that the times below appear in your local time as set by your user account (hover over to see the time zone).

Sessions for Registered Participants of the AAS Winter 2021 Meeting
2021-01-13T19:00:00Z (2pm American Eastern)
2021-01-14T20:00:00Z (3pm American Eastern)
How to Join: Visit the Vera C. Rubin Observatory booth in the NSF Pavilion of the AAS Exhibit hall and join the booth’s continuously open Zoom room by clicking on the coffee cup in the lower right corner. Please reach out via the booth’s chat feature if anything about how to join the booth-associated Zoom room is unclear.

Virtual DP0 Information Sessions
How to Join: Provide your email address via this Google form and automatically receive an email with the Zoom connection information.

Questions about DP0 are welcome as threaded replies in this topic, replies in the topics about community participation in DP0 or the DP0 data set, or as new topics in the Science category.


Here is the slide deck being used for the DP0 Info Sessions:
DP0 Info Session.pdf (2.8 MB)

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