Announcement of Euclid/Rubin Derived Data Product Implementation Working Group

Dear all,

The Euclid/Rubin Derived Data Product (DDP) Implementation Working Group was formed in December and has started meeting regularly. You can find its composition at the end of this email.

DDPs have been defined in this white paper. This Implementation Working Group was tasked with defining a roadmap for the creation of these DDPs and has already identified the following actions that are needed to support DDP creation:

  • To establish the mechanism for the creation and sharing of Rubin-Euclid Derived Data Products (DDPs) by and for members of the Rubin and/or Euclid communities,
  • To build collaborations between research groups working to deliver the same or related DDPs,
  • To determine policy and procedure in order for formal letters of support to be provided for DDP-related funding applications,
  • To propose solutions/mechanisms to the Rubin Director and Euclid Consortium leadership to circumvent issues related to DDP-teams accessing proprietary data

For those interested in contacting the DDP Implementation Working Group or contributing to its work, we encourage visiting the Rubin/Euclid DDP Forum. The Forum is a great a place for discussions, where all interested parties can join the forum and post.

Additionally, we would like to survey the community to learn more about the existing efforts and challenges that have been encountered in making Rubin/Euclid DDP. We would be grateful if you could fill out the following survey before April 29 if you are interested in, or are actively working on building Rubin/Euclid DDPs. We would value Rubin/Roman experience as well.

Thank you,

The Euclid/Rubin DDP IWG

DDP IWG Composition:


James Colbert IPAC/Caltech - ENSCI, Gal. Evolution, near-IR grism

Tod Lauer NOIRLab - Galaxies, SMBH, stellar pops, planetary, image processing

Eduardo Balbinot U. of Groningen - *Euclid external data, MW resolved stellar pops*

Jim Chiang SLAC - Rubin DESC, Rubin Operations

Siegfried Eggl U of Illinois-UIUC - Rubin Solar System Science Collaboration (SSSC)

Agnès Ferté SLAC/Stanford - Project Scientist for Rubin Observatory Operations

Eric Jullo Aix-Marseille/LAM - OU-SIM Pipeline, Lead of the Galaxy-Galaxy lensing in the WL SWG

Will Hartley U. of Geneva - OU-PHZ

Catherine Heymans U. of Edinburgh - Cosmology

Guillaume Libet CNES - SGS Data Production Manager

Aaron Meisner NOIRLab - Rubin Community Science Team

Peter Melchior Princeton - Rubin Operations, DESC, image analysis/ machine learning

Joe Mohr LMU Munich - Euclid external data, galaxy clusters & WL, DESC

Yuanyuan Zhang NOIRLab - Rubin DESC, Rubin ISSC

Is there an invite code needed to post on the Rubin/Euclid DDP Forum? When I tried to sign up a code is requested. Apologies if it is mentioned somewhere that I missed.

I had not appreciated this before, but yes, there is an invite code. I think it exists to prevent spam accounts from bots.

That code is: greaterthanthesumofitsparts

If you have any issues getting an account please feel free to email me directly requesting one: