Announcing the Rubin Users Committee

Rubin Observatory is pleased to announce that the members of the new Rubin Users Committee have been identified, and are listed below.

Charge: The Users Committee is charged with soliciting feedback from the science community and recommending science-driven improvements to the LSST data products and the Rubin Science Platform tools and services. This committee will report every six months to the Rubin Lead Community Scientist and to the Rubin Observatory Director. The full charge to the Users Committee, and details about their reports, meetings, and membership, can be found at

Meetings: The twice-yearly meetings of the Users Committee will be (at least in part) open to any members of the Rubin community. Meeting calendars and connection information will be posted here in the Community Forum and on the Rubin Users Committee webpage. The Users Committee participated in an orientation meeting on Tue Mar 1 2022, and a PDF of the slides is attached below. The first open meeting of the Users Committee will be in early April 2022.

Membership: The SAC thanks everyone for their nominations, and thanks the new committee members for agreeing to serve. The Users Committee will stand throughout Rubin Observatory’s commissioning and operations phases, and members will each serve at least one two-year term. The SAC will call for new nominations on a yearly basis (as needed). Short biographical statements for all members are available on the Rubin Users Committee webpage.

Contact the Users Committee: The Users Committee is open to suggestions and feedback from the Rubin community. Members can be contacted individually via direct message in the Rubin Community Forum, or all together by sending a direct message to the Forum group @Users-Committee or an email to

Igor Andreoni
Dominique Boutigny
Alessandra Corsi
Matthew Holman (Chair)
Ni Qingling
Markus Rabus
Francisco Javier Sanchez Lopez
V. Ashley Villar
Anja von der Linden
Matthew P. Wiesner
Michael Wood-Vasey
+1 member to be determined

Users Committee Orientation Meeting, Tue Mar 1, 2022
2022-03-01 Rubin Users Committee Orientation Meeting Slides.pdf (3.1 MB)