Users Committee Meeting, Fri Nov 4, 11am PDT

The Rubin Users Committee will meet on Friday November 4th 2022, from 11am - 1pm PDT (2022-11-04T18:00:00Z).

The first hour of this meeting is open to anyone to join and listen in. The second hour will be limited to UC members only.

Meeting Connection Info:

Meeting Agenda: discussion of various issues regarding the Rubin Science Platform and Data Preview 0 (e.g., ObsTAP, butler) and preparation of the UC’s 22B report. Anyone may suggest a topic for discussion by posting a reply in this topic thread.

UC Minutes and Reports: Minutes from UC meetings, and their twice-annual reports, are posted here in the Science category of the Rubin Community Forum with the tag #users-committee.

More Info:

The first hour of the meeting was open to an audience and was recorded (see below).

Discussion topics included the RSP’s TAP and ObsTAP services, the DP0.2 tutorials and documentation, and the timeline for future data previews.

The primary goal for the meeting was for the UC to begin to write their 22B report, which will be publicly posted when it is ready.