Announcing the Sims-Announcements subcategory

To help keep simulations users up to date with important news from the LSST Simulations team, we’ve started a “Simulations Announcements” subcategory on the LSST Community forum (
This forum category will be used to post announcements of new software releases, new sets of Opsim Cadence experiments, as well as provide advance notice of schema changes in our databases, and API changes in the CatSim, MAF or Opsim code, among other important news.

What is the “Community forum”?
The Community forum is intended to facilitate communication between LSST and scientists, among LSST personnel, and among scientists working with LSST software. You may find it interesting to check out existing posts in the Simulations forum ( and or (somewhat more technical questions) in the Support category ( - you may even find answers to questions you might have had yourself!

“How can I get these announcements?”
You can receive notifications of Community posts in the Simulations-Announcements subcategory (or any other category) and participate in Community discussions by signing up for an account (look for the big blue button in the upper right). The welcome post in Simulations-Announcements includes links to posts describing how to sign up for notifications for particular categories (or subcategory) - About the Sims Announcements category.

For the near future, posts from Simulations-Announcements will be forwarded automatically to,, and Posts will be forwarded by hand to by Chris Walter.