Annoying rules about length of title, etc

I was not allowed to enter a topic with the title “6 May meeting”. Too short. This is an absurd rule. This title is completely descriptive of the topic.

A contrarian opinion: I do actually get annoyed when I see meeting announcements or minutes in my community topic list that don’t at least include the name of the group that is meeting, let alone the topic (though I personally might not have seen this one due to filters, so maybe it’s not actually a big deal).


This should maybe go in the “Meta” category rather than “Support”.

I think the title is descriptive in combination with the category, but the category is not always displayed. It’s unclear to me whether the solution is:

  1. Relax the rules, possibly including displaying the category in more places
  2. Have larger-grained categories in which having more descriptive titles would be desirable
  3. Continue with the rules and have redundancy between category and title

I think the original intent was 2.

Putting aside the issue whether this is a good place to announce meetings or not, I do agree with the original thrust of Jon’s post - the requirement about title length is annoying, I ran into that as well.

Hi @jjt. Community is a shared resource and such rules (instituted by the Discourse platform) help create a useful discussion platform for everyone. The rules are like a ‘linter’ for discussion conventions. See for background on Discourse’s philosophy.

The rule about title length reflects something that we often see in emails. Someone emails “Meeting Minutes” with the assumption that the sender’s address and date creates sufficient context. But for me, at least, it becomes extremely tedious to search through vaguely-titled emails when I’m searching for historical information.

Self-contained, precise, subject names are a beautiful thing and they help everyone.

So yes, that means I shouldn’t rely solely on your category name to identify your meeting. Something like like “May 5 2016 Camera-DM Vis Meeting” is accurate, concise and would help everyone out when the topic is seen mixed with other categories.

I hope that helps.

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This is not important enough to argue about. I will, from now on, title my meeting topics like this: “6 May visualization meeting”. I just note, as a parting shot, that many (if not most) topic titles would be obscure without knowing the category - but the emails include that information also.

Jacek, My topics are not merely meeting announcements. They include minutes and pointers to persistent documentation. That is they have more than ephemeral value.