AP Pipeline now in the Stack

I’ve just merged DM-14273, which implements RFC-521 and adds three packages to lsst_apps:

  • dax_ppdb is the Prompt Products Database (formerly the Level 1 Database)
  • ap_association provides a Task that, when run on a Butler repository with difference imaging products, will associate multiple detections of the same object and store the resulting DIAObjects in the prompt products database
  • ap_pipe provides a CmdLineTask that runs CCD processing, image differencing, and source association, letting you go from raw data to a populated database in a single call

Documentation for these packages is available from their repositories, and will be added to pipelines.lsst.io soon (DM-15872).

In addition, I’ve added ap_verify to lsst_distrib. ap_verify ingests specific datasets designed for CI or larger-scale integration testing, runs ap_pipe on the resulting repository, and collects metrics using the lsst.verify framework. It will soon be used to run nightly testing of the AP pipeline.

Many thanks to @cmorrison, @mrawls, @andy_slac, @KSK, @ebellm, and @swinbank for all their hard work getting to this point!