astrometry_net_data catalogs at NCSA

I’ve just declared a 2mass.20130404 version of astrometry_net_data in the stacks at NCSA, having found the files already present in /lsst7/astrometry_net_data. These seem to match a catalog we have on our HSC processing machines in Princeton and Japan, so I assume it’s in reasonably good shape (though we mostly process HSC data using a PanSTARRS catalog that we can’t distribute). @price may know more.

There’s also an sdss-dr9-fink-v5b, also transferred from HSC, and I think it represents the safest bet for any verification data processing (assuming the data is within the SDSS footprint).

I added usnob a week or so ago, but I think @nidever found it didn’t work (it lacks the photometric information). It should be usable again when we split the astrometric and photometric standards (and if we accept the standard as a possible backend)