Best version of Python to use with dp0

Sorry if this is a basic or redundant question. I was looking through the tutorial-notebooks in the rubin-dp0 github and was wondering what version of python3 is optimal to work with the lsst packages. I am currently using the latest version and having some trouble getting anything to compile

Thanks so much for any help!

The best version of python is whatever is packaged in the science pipeline containers. Currently this is 3.10.10.

We haven’t yet validated python 3.11. Many packages have been tested but we generally depend on conda-forge dependencies supporting the new python before we can switch. I think numexpr or something similar might be blocking that at the moment.

Our installation instructions assume that you have the conda-forge rubinenv metapackage installed. If you aren’t following our instructions, what process are you using for trying to build the software?