Book Club Topics

For the October 28th meeting I propose we read:
Ch1 pg 8-14 - How special methods are used to the chapter summary
Ch2 The following sections - List comprehensions & generator expressions
Tuples are not just Immutable Lists
Augmented Assignment w/ Sequences
When list is not the answer.

If anyone feels there is an additional topic that should be covered, please speak up here, or be prepared to talk about it.

For the November 18th book club:
Ch 3:
dict Comprehension 66
Variation of dict 75
Subclassing Userdict 76
Set Theory - through set operations 79-84
Practical consequences of how dict works 90

This is an academically interesting chapter, but most people will not run into the need for this in dat to day programming (accepting people who commonly do web work or work with text files). If you will be interfacing between c/c++ this chapter is useful to keep in mind. As most of this is a moot point in python 3 I don’t think we should take our time to read it. Chime in here if anyone disagrees.

Ch 5
Read all of it though function introspection.

I’d like to read and discuss Ch 4, since a lot of the py3 porting work I was thrown into dealt with these kinds of distinctions between strings and bytes. While I certainly hope that the switch to py3 will sweep these problems under the rug, I suspect we may encounter new string-related issues once folks start using py3 for their primary stack. We don’t have to read it this week, though - we could come back to it in the future.

Ok, then we will finish chapter 5 on functions and then come back to chapter 4 (they do not relate to each other really so either order should be fine)

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For those of you not in the book club on Friday, there will be no meeting this week due to the holiday. We will resume the following week (Dec 2) and finish up chapter 5.

We will be meeting at 3pm on Friday the 13th and cover chapter 7 on decorators and closures.

Friday 1/27: chapter 8, but only though the weak references section.