Butler Schema Migration at NCSA 2022-06-22

Following the adoption of RFC-836 we are now ready to do the schema migration of the /repo/main butler registry at NCSA.

This migration will add support for the new way of specifying visits in LSST cameras. In addition to the visit changes, the exposure record will now include the azimuth of the telescope and a flag to indicate if any of the data in the dataset were simulated.

This will require that the butler registry be disabled for 3 or 4 hours. Batch jobs already running should not be affected, other than the merge job will fail at the end (and can be rerun manually).

We plan to do the migration next week although the exact time has not yet been determined but we will announce on the #dm Slack channel. If you have a critical time slot next week where you will need access to the registry, please comment on this topic.

Due to the upcoming holidays we have decided to do the migration at NCSA on Wednesday 22nd June starting at 9am.