'calexp' resulted by obs_decam+processCcd is not loaded on ds9

Thank you always for your help with quick responses!

This time, I tried to check the results of processCcd of DECam data after setup obs_decam in Docker container ‘lsstsqre/centos:7-stack-lsst_distrib-v19_0_0’+‘setup obs_decam’,

but when I run ‘display.mtv(calexp)’ just like the way https://pipelines.lsst.io/getting-started/display.html did, nothing loads on ds9.

Thank you for reading. - Duho

Hi Duho, I don’t have experience with this exactly, but I was noticing that the instructions for running the pipelines with docker don’t have anything explicit about getting set up to use ds9, like enabling x11 forwarding. I found this old ADASS poster that has some of the content for the docker image and docker build and run statements that enable use of ds9. Then, I also found this Community post by @price, which might also be helpful for this issue.

I’m sorry I can’t provide a more direct answer, but perhaps this will at least be a start in the right direction!

  • Did you setup display_ds9?
  • Did you specify backend="ds9" when you created the display?
  • Did you open the x server access (xhost +localhost)?
  • Can you open a ds9 window from the shell?
  • What exact sequence of commands did you run?
  • What error or log messages do you get?

I followed the procedure that you described in below:

I didn’t setup display_ds9, backend=“ds9” neither,
but opened the x server by running ‘xhost +’.

I could open ds9 window from the shell, and I followed the commend sequence on the HSC tutorial that I liked above using DECam data with ‘setup obs_decam’.

I didn’t see any error nor log, it just didn’t respond unlike when I ran HSC data which worked fine.

Hi @duho, it sounds like your issues with running DS9 in docker are persistent. Could you clarify, did you try using setup display_ds9 and backend="ds9" like @price suggested? Also, if you could post here the exact command sequence, and maybe a screenshot of what you do see, perhaps that would help a docker expert point you towards a fix.