Camera Mapper for Magellan Megacam?

Just wondering if some kind soul has created a camera mapper (v2 or v3, I don’t care) for the Megallan Megacam. have some data to munge.


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Hi Wes,

There 's not currently an obs_magellan package available for the LSST pipelines. So then it sounds like an obs_magellan package would need to be written by you and/or others in the community, unless this forum topic manages to elicit a response from a community member who’s been quietly developing something along these lines. Also, for anyone who may be interested in developing a Magellan/Megacam “obs” package, CameraMapper is now deprecated (though I appreciate that it sounds like you’re willing to use older software versions if needed). In general it’s now recommended for cameras to define their transformations in YAML files. Thanks very much…

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I don’t know how much information you’ve already accumulated, but this is a basic starting point: