Changes coming in ts_salobj 6

ts_salobj 6 adds support for authentication (which may help avoid mistakes but is not intended to provide security).

In addition it removes features that have long been deprecated in ts_salobj 5, including:

  • Removed deprecated main method from CSCs and scripts. Use amain instead.
  • Removed deprecated initial_simulation_mode argument from CSC constructors. Use simulation_mode instead.
  • Removed deprecated support for CSCs calling fault without an error code or report; both must now be specified.
  • Removed deprecated support for CSCs setting summary_state directly. To transition your CSC to a FAULT state call the fault method. Unit tests may call salobj.set_summary_state or issue the usual state transition commands.

ts_salobj 6 requires IDL files built with ts_sal 4.2 or later, because these add a private_identity field to all SAL/DDS topics.

ts_salobj 6 can communicate with ts_salobj 5 and 6 and ts_sal 4.2 and 5. However, you will only get full authentication when used with ts_salobj 6 and ts_sal 5.