Check out the newly remodeled Developer Guide

The re-organized Developer Guide ( has landed! It’s the same content(*) but with a modernized topic organization that I think meets our needs today, and is extensible for the future.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions/questions/concerns about the Developer Guide.

This reorganization paves the way for new documentation on contributing to, among other things. It also gives us a chance to re-organize some of those critical, but unwieldy, pages that we refer to often.

If you have open PRs, you should be able to rebase your branches and have your content appear in the right place. When I did the reorganization, I made sure to split git mv commits from content changes so that Git should be able to trace the content history. If you’re having trouble, let me know. Also, I used this reorganization to standardize on hyphens for separating words in URLs (following popular practice). I’ll be writing more about these standards in the future.

Thanks to @ktl for carefully checking this work to make sure nothing got lost in the remodel.

(*) There’s also a new page on the LSST Information Technology Services Committee (ITSC) if you’re interested in how LSST IT is governed.