Cite LSST pipeline?

Hi All

Are there any publications I can cite regarding the LSST pipeline? Publishing a paper that uses the pipeline to reduce some HSC data (not the HSC pipeline!), would like to give proper attributions.

I believe the most up-to-date instructions are at Citing and acknowledging the LSST Science Pipelines.

Face-palm. How’d I miss that. Thanks

One reason it’s easy to miss is that it’s not yet in the “release” version of, only in the weekly/daily builds. I think that should be fixed when v26 comes out.

There is also a “How to cite Rubin Observatory” page linked from For Scientists | Rubin Observatory.

I didn’t know about that citation page at either, and wouldn’t have known to look under /v/weekly for it. Good that it will soon be on the main landing page.