Commissioning Science Validation Bootcamp 2023

Save the date! We are happy to announce a virtual Commissioning Science Validation Bootcamp scheduled for 22-24 May 2023.

Lectures, tutorials, and co-working sessions to prepare participants for science validation activities during on-sky commissioning with LSSTCam. The bootcamp is modeled on the DM Bootcamp 2022, with new and updated material.

More than 100 scientists from across the LSST Science Community will be making in-kind contributions to Rubin Observatory system integration and commissioning (SIT-Com) efforts through the US/Chile Commissioning Announcement of Opportunity Program and International In-Kind Contribution Program where the recipient group is the “Rubin Commissioning Team” (see SITCOMTN-050). This bootcamp will introduce technical skills to help the team work together to develop science validation analyses and visualizations as well as write reports to document their findings.

By the end of the bootcamp, participants should be able to

  • Submit a pull request to the analysis_tools package that implements a science validation metric and/or plot
  • Create and contribute to a technote (examples) describing an investigation and/or new tooling

Virtual at this Zoom link. Tutorials will be remotely streamed and co-working sessions will use Zoom breakout rooms.

The bootcamp content is aimed at individuals making in-kind contributions to Rubin Observatory SIT-Com efforts (see SITCOMTN-050). Attendance at this technically focused meeting is open to everyone from all corners of the LSST science community, independent of whether they are named contributors to the Rubin Observatory commissioning effort. Tutorials and lectures will be led by current Data Management (DM) and SIT-Com team members.

No registration is required to participate.

All times US Pacific (PDT)


  • Monday 22 May : 9:00-11:30
  • Tuesday 23 May: 9:00-11:30
  • Wednesday 24 May: 9:00-11:00

Co-working times

  • Tuesday 23 May: Co-working time 11:30-1:00
  • Wednesday 24 May: Co-working time 11:00-1:00

Calendar: subscribe (iCal format), web browser


  • How we communicate
  • How to look stuff up
  • Essentials of using the Science Pipelines (e.g., data model, using middleware, running pipelines)
  • Working at the US Data Facility (USDF)
  • DM development workflow
  • Contributing to analysis_tools
  • How to document your findings in a technote
  • Using QA tools
  • Datasets available for testing

Detailed agenda on Confluence

Pre-bootcamp Preparation:
See the Confluence page for pre-bootcamp preparation notes. For SIT-Com in-kind contributors, it is highly recommended to verify access to USDF in advance. For participants working at other locations, it is highly recommended to install the Science Pipelines and process rc2_subset in advance of the bootcamp.