Conda build of sims_2.3.1?

We’ve been relying on conda installations of the sims code for our travis-ci builds and we need functionality available in sims_2.3.1. Are there plans to make a conda build available of that version of the sims code?

For those who aren’t me: sims_2.3.1 corresponds to EUPS build b2323

Sorry for missing this until now. Do you still need a new build? Conda distros are not automated yet (I don’t think), so they are a bit difficult to produce. A lot of thought has been going into binary distributions, so input would be great if you have any.

@danielsf what is the most recent conda build we have with sims?

There is now a conda build of 2.3.1 available which we’ve been using since late November or so. It would be good to have a conda build of the sims release after 2.3.3 that has some new development I’m reviewing now in sims_GalSimInterface.

O.K. Great. I’ll check on a conda release for that.

FYI, whenever I cut a new sims release, I issue a ticket requesting a conda build for that release. The ticket for sims 2.3.3 is DM-8829.

I think Jim is asking for a conda build of sims 2.3.4 (which does not exist yet), as that will incorporate a fix to how sims_GalSimInterface handles position angle.