Conda environment refresh

Today I updated the baseline for the science pipelines conda environment. This means that the next time you run master or lsstsw deploy you will get the updated environment. The full set of versions defined by the new environment can be found here but the main changes are:

  • Numpy 1.18.1
  • Pandas 1.0.1
  • Astropy 4.0

I have also added boto3/moto for S3 compatibility and also pytest-subtests. I have not updated matplotlib since 3.1 currently has a bug in it when multiprocessing is used on macOS.

Jenkins will migrate to the new environment shortly.

Now that we have made this change you will need to reinstall all your local stack builds since I don’t believe that they will be compatible with the previous builds (numpy changes usually cause problems). @swinbank will be creating a new shared stack.

Next week I will update the corresponding eups stub packages to force these minimum versions, at that point all builds will fail without updating.

Sounds great! What version of Python does it provide?

3.7.6 – we can’t go to 3.8 until Astropy do.

For those using lsstsw, I believe the instructions I posted for last year’s Conda update should still work to update your environment in place (for example, if you want to maintain your pip packages or other conda environments):