Consolidated_map and other names

I’m looking for some documentation about the names of the different data products that can be retrieved with butler, such as “consolidated_map”. Also, where could I find the corresponding pipeline code?

Thanks a lot


Those are “dataset types”. If you have a butler you can use the butler.registry.queryDatasetType() API or the butler query-dataset-types command line tool.

Code for what? Code for butler or code for that dataset type creation?

You can find all the documentation at

If you know a dataset type name you can search the code on GitHub (in the LSST org) for the dataset type string and you will find the corresponding PipelineTask code.

Ok, great, thanks a lot!

I actually mean both for butler and the dataset type creation. Sorry for the naive questions, this is my first time accessing data this way.


You mean how to create a butler repo from scratch? Or where butler source code is?

Dataset types are declared in the PipelineTask code. The connections show what inputs are needed and what outputs are created. Consider reading our recent SPIE paper at