raises AttributeError


I am quite new here in this community and please forgive my ignorance.

I am running the processing on HSC data. As I tried to construct the calibration file just as what show here: Running the stack on HSC data for a DESC PSF project, as I typed: input --calib CALIB --rerun output --id visit=007802..007806:2 --calibId calibDate="2014-09-24" --job dark --cores 16 --batch-type=smp

while input is the data repository contains _mapper. The error comes out as:

WARN  dark: Unable to process DataId(initialdata={'taiObs': '2014-09-24', u'pointing': 997, 'visit': 7806, u'dateObs': '2014-09-24', u'filter': 'HSC-I', u'field': 'ABELL2319', u'ccd': 99, 'expTime': 240.0}, tag=set([])): 'lsst.afw.image.mask.mask.MaskU' object has no attribute 'convertU'
AttributeError on ghk1:11033 in run: 'lsst.afw.image.mask.mask.MaskU' object has no attribute 'convertU'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/../lsstsw/stack/Linux64/ctrl_pool/13.0-2-gb1fa231+3/python/lsst/ctrl/pool/", line 113, in wrapper
    return func(*args, **kwargs)
  File "/../lsstsw/stack/Linux64/ctrl_pool/13.0-2-gb1fa231+3/python/lsst/ctrl/pool/", line 1067, in run
    while not menu[command]():
  File "/../lsstsw/stack/Linux64/ctrl_pool/13.0-2-gb1fa231+3/python/lsst/ctrl/pool/", line 237, in wrapper
    return func(*args, **kwargs)
  File "/../lsstsw/stack/Linux64/ctrl_pool/13.0-2-gb1fa231+3/python/lsst/ctrl/pool/", line 1085, in reduce
    result = self._processQueue(context, func, [(index, data)], *args, **kwargs)[0]
  File "/../lsstsw/stack/Linux64/ctrl_pool/13.0-2-gb1fa231+3/python/lsst/ctrl/pool/", line 544, in _processQueue
    return self._reduceQueue(context, None, func, queue, *args, **kwargs)
  File "/../lsstsw/stack/Linux64/ctrl_pool/13.0-2-gb1fa231+3/python/lsst/ctrl/pool/", line 570, in _reduceQueue
    resultList = [func(self._getCache(context, i), data, *args, **kwargs) for i, data in queue]
  File "/../lsstsw/stack/Linux64/pipe_drivers/13.0-3-gfcfef02+7/python/lsst/pipe/drivers/", line 508, in process
    exposure = self.processSingle(sensorRef)
  File "/../lsstsw/stack/Linux64/pipe_drivers/13.0-3-gfcfef02+7/python/lsst/pipe/drivers/", line 769, in processSingle
    mask.convertU(), afwDet.Threshold(0.5))
AttributeError: 'lsst.afw.image.mask.mask.MaskU' object has no attribute 'convertU'
application called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD, 1) - process 9

I guess I may be giving it the wrong input data? But I cannot figure out which directory should I give as the input instead. Any answer or discussion would be appreciate with many thanks.


Thank you for posting your question here. This bug has already been fixed in a more recent version of pipe_drivers. Do you need help getting a new version of pipe_drivers setup, and if so how did you install your LSST software stack?

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Thank you for helping.
I guess declaring the newest version to eups will do?
The installation is with lsstws and lsst-build. The current version of pipe_drivers is 13.0-3-gfcfef02+7.

I suggest installing the latest weekly build.