Contact for training support?

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I’ve been invited to apply for the role of LSST:UK Training Support Coordinator. The role description is along the lines of supporting the UK astronomical community in learning how to exploit Rubin data to the fullest. This will involve coordinating training on Rubin-specific tools, as well as broader statistical techniques.

Part of the aim is to avoid re-inventing the wheel, and so to utilise as much as possible any training material that already exists within the broader Rubin ecosystem. So, my question is, who is the best person to contact regarding what training material already exists, and what is being planned?



Hi @jrmullaney, regarding training on Rubin-specific tools, you could perhaps review the Rubin Community Engagement Model document at, and maybe also the resources related to the first phase of Data Preview 0, at, would be a useful reference for you. As you might already know, much of the preparation, development, training, and planning for Rubin science is being done within the eight LSST Science Collaborations.

Small correction @MelissaGraham , the DP0 documentation is at and not

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Thank you!! I edited my post.

Great. Thanks!