Coordinate conversion in the Portal (equatorial, galactic)

A question came up in the DP0.2 Kick-Off Info Session today.

Is there a way to convert equatorial to galactic coordinates in the Portal?

For example, a way to automatically convert the RA/Dec columns to galactic coordinates in ADQL or when creating an xy-plot.

As another example, a way to change the grid from RA/Dec to Galactic in the results view sky map – when Galactic is selected the grid overlay remains in RA/Dec as shown below.
Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 8.19.11 AM

CET is following up on this question but we wanted to post it here for further discussion.

Are you asking how to make the coordinate grid overlay display in, say, Galactic coordinates? If that is the case, after you’ve turned on the coordinate overlay, go to the ‘layers’ icon, and pick your preferred coordinate system from there.

Thanks, Luisa! That does indeed work!:

And I see, too, that if I click on “EQ-J2000” below the Portal image display, it opens up a window where I can choose the coordinate system for cursor readout options:

Very nice!

Additionally, if you click on this icon:
Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 9.29.19 AM
you get this pop-up that does real-time readout in more than one coordinate system at once. If you click on the coordinate system label, you get that same pop-up you just described, from which you can select the system you want.
Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 9.29.13 AM