Data Preview 0.3 (DP0.3) Solar System catalogs now available

Rubin Observatory is pleased to announce that the third phase of Data Preview 0 (DP0.3) containing simulated Solar System catalogs is now available.

The DP0.3 data set was generated by members of the Rubin Solar System Pipelines and Commissioning teams, with help from the LSST Solar System Science Collaboration, in particular: Pedro Bernardinelli, Jake Kurlander, Joachim Moeyens, Samuel Cornwall, Ari Heinze, Steph Merritt, Lynne Jones, Siegfried Eggl, Meg Schwamb, Grigori Fedorets, and Mario Juric. The DP0.3 data set was installed and made available in the Rubin Science Platform by Rubin Observatory staff.

How to access DP0.3: to obtain an account in the Rubin Science Platform (RSP; and access the DP0 data sets, please follow the getting started with DP0 checklist. Visit the DP0.3 documentation at to learn more about the Solar System simulation, the data products, and the available tutorials for DP0.3.

DP0.3 Virtual Kick-Off Session: Fri Aug 18, 9:00am US Pacific (2023-08-18T16:00:00Z)
Learn how to obtain an RSP account and access the DP0.3 Solar System catalogs. Zoom connection info:

DP0.3 at the Rubin 2023 PCW: Thu Aug 10, 2:00pm US Pacific (2023-08-10T21:00:00Z)
Registered attendees can join the Data Preview 0 breakout session (in-person or virtually) for an overview of DP0 and the new Solar System catalogs.

DP0.2 is still available! DP0.2 is based on a completely independent simulation by the Dark Energy Science Collaboration, and contains static and time-domain Galactic and extragalactic sources. Follow the getting started with DP0 checklist and see for more information.

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