Summary, Delegate Assembly on Fri Aug 18 2023: DP0.3 Kick-Off Info Session

The virtual seminar held on Fri Aug 18 2023 (recording below) covers how to obtain a Rubin Science Platform account in order to access the simulated Solar System catalogs of DP0.3, as well as the documentation and tutorials available for DP0.3. A brief demonstration of how to query for Solar System data via the Portal and Notebook Aspects of the Rubin Science Platform were also provided.

Upcoming seminars related to DP0.3 include:

Date Topic Speakers
2023-09-29 DP0.3 Simulation Overview: Populations, Easter Eggs, Etc. Pedro Bernardinelli, Jake Kurlander
2023-10-20 Special Assembly: SSSC Mini-Sprint Preparation Meg Schwamb

See the full schedule of DP0 Delegate Assemblies for more (and connection information).