Deploying rubin-env 0.4.1

On Wednesday, 2021-02-10, we updated our build infrastructure to use version 0.4.1 of the rubin-env conda-forge metapackage. The w_2021_07 weekly will be the first tagged release to incorporate this change.

This new environment will include the piff package that was requested in RFC-755.

In addition, scikit-image has been pinned at versions less than 0.18 in order to avoid a bug introduced in that release that affects read-only environments (such as CernVM-FS).

While rubin-env 0.4.1 should be compatible with the same versions of the Science Pipelines as 0.2.1 and 0.3.1, if you need older versions of the environment to build older versions of the Science Pipelines, you can install them using the current tooling as follows.

  • For
    LSST_SPLENV_REF=0.2.1 bash
    Note that you do not need to use an older version of itself.
    You can then follow this with:
    export LSST_CONDA_ENV_NAME=lsst-scipipe-0.2.1 to select that environment rather than the new default lsst-scipipe-0.4.1 prior to executing source loadLSST.bash
  • For lsstsw :
    bin/deploy -v 0.2.1; source bin/envconfig -n lsst-scipipe-0.2.1