Deploying rubin-env 0.4.3

On Tuesday, 2021-03-16, we updated our build infrastructure to use version 0.4.3 of the rubin-env conda-forge metapackage. The w_2021_12 weekly will be the first tagged release to incorporate this change.

This new environment pins the sqlalchemy package to versions 1.3.x due to an incompatible API change in version 1.4.0. No additional dependencies were introduced.

rubin-env 0.4.3 should be used with all Science Pipelines code on or after w_2021_09 instead of rubin-env 0.4.2, but it is incompatible with releases prior to that. For older code, please use rubin-env 0.2.1, 0.3.1, or 0.4.1.