Deploying rubin-env 2.0.0

On Monday, 2022-02-14, we updated our build infrastructure to use version 2.0.0 of the rubin-env conda-forge metapackage. The d_2022_02_15 nightly and w_2022_08 weekly will be the first tagged releases to incorporate this change.

This new environment adds the spherematch package as requested in RFC-824 and updates the cfitsio version to 4, following conda-forge, as requested in RFC-826.

rubin-env 2.0.0 should be used with all Science Pipelines code on or after d_2022_02_15 and w_2022_08. As indicated by its major version number increment, this cannot be used with existing installations of most older versions of the Science Pipelines due to the cfitsio version change (although older versions of the source should be able to be compiled against this version of the environment). For older code, please use rubin-env 1.0.0 or 0.7.0 (or 0.8.0 for v23 releases).

I have updated the shared stack on NCSA resources to this new environment. Sourcing /software/lsstsw/stack/loadLSST.* will get you the new environment. The old environment with older weeklies can be found at /software/lsstsw/stack_20220125/loadLSST.*