Deploying the CADC-TAP service with a MySQL Science Database


I was wondering if it is possible to deploy the CADC-TAP service that comes with the RSP deployment, connected to a MySQL database rather than QServ?

We’ve been deploying & customizing the RSP to enable use as a prototype with our Science Databases at the University of Edinburgh. We deploy on Kubernetes with the lsp deployment scripts here:

As a first attempt I tried editing the qserv_host parameter here: and the JDBC user/pass combination here

However that wasn’t successful, with connection errors appearing in the logs. (I was also a bit confused about why the error shows a failed connection for the JDBC username I was providing, but using the IP of the TAP Server pod rather than the host IP I provided )

As this was just a shot in the dark, and I imagine that Qserv & MySQL cannot be used interchangeably, can anyone comment on if this is a possibility with the existing codebase, or if it would require significant extensions to enable MySQL database support?

Thank you,
Stelios Voutsinas

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Hi Stelios
There is no MySQL backend implementation for You will find oracle and postgres implementations there that can serve as examples if you were looking to develop one.